5 Companies With The Most Creative Adverts 

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Here at Alistair Whiteley Web Design, we love anything marketing or design related, some companies are absolutely smashing it with their marketing, so we have decided to compile a list of our favourite five ad campaigns!

  1. IKEA – IKEA has a history of eye-catching and clever ad campaigns, some of our favourites are these cleverly designed posters that allow their products to be shown in a really imaginative way.

2. Spotify – If you’ve ever used Spotify you will know they come out with a ‘Spotify Wrapped’ every year where you can see what you have been listening to throughout the year, but Spotify have found a way to use your data creatively, creating these billboards and adverts around peoples data.

3. McDonald’s – McDonald’s aren’t afraid to do something different when it comes to their ads. All these ads creatively showcase their burgers but not in the way you would not expect! The last one is especially interesting as the minimalistic poster doesn’t even feature their brand name or logo.

4. Oatly – Oatly loves to use humour in their adverts, the designs themself are very simple but it makes you stop and read what they have got to say.

5. Nivea – Nivea’s adverts a lot of the time seem to evoke feelings of love and care, by using these emotional triggers, Nivea goes beyond just selling a product. They are connecting with customers on a deeper level, by placing themselves as a brand that provides a sense of security and comfort.

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