Web Design Trends For 2023

Benjamin Henry Website design flatlay

Now that we are over halfway through the year, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the current website design trends for 2023. Below are five of our favourites with examples to get inspired!


These designs feature mostly simple typefaces, lots of negative space, and only one or two colours. This helps to create a sense of focus, as there aren’t too many elements to concentrate on.

Website Example – https://jazzfm.ro/

Abstract Black Triangle on a Yellow Background

Motion Graphics & Animated Illustrations

Add visual interest and engagement to your website with motion graphics. From something small, like an element that animates as you scroll, or a full-screen animation like London based Illustrator Yukai Du’s website.

Website Example – https://www.yukaidu.com

Motion Graphic

Hand Drawn Graphics

You can add hand-drawn graphics to your website to add a personal touch and sense of creativity to your site. Take Centilli’s example as a starting point, the graphics combined with the bold colours and shapes make for an eye-catching landing page.

Website Example – https://www.centili.com/

Infographic of people using mobiles

3D Design

Using 3D design on your website helps to create a touch of depth and realism. Lusion Labs has lots of 3D examples on its site, with lots of movement and 3D elements to keep you engaged.

Website Example – https://exp-gemini.lusion.co/style

Motion graphic featuring a sports gar

Typography Layouts

Using simply the art of typography, you can create some really visually appealing website designs. With different size text and different colours, you can create some really engaging designs.

Website Example – https://sddesignweek.org/

Typography image

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