Web Design Trends – Prediction For 2024

Benjamin Henry Website design flatlay

It’s that time again, for our Web Trends Predictions for the coming year! 2023 saw lots of bright colours, animations and typography based designs, some of these trends are still very prominent going into 2024, but there are also some new ones arising. See below for our top 5 trends for 2024!

Dark Mode

Lots of us already use the Dark Mode setting on our phones, so why not incorporate this into a website? Not only can this create a really eye-catching design, it can also help with accessibility. People with visual impairments often prefer dark mode as it’s easier to read content with a higher contrast. Using a handy switch, you can have the best of both worlds, like the Olliepops example here.

Website Example – https://olliepop-art.webflow.io/

Olliepop animation showing dark mode as an example trend

AI Imagery

With the advancements in technology regarding AI imagery, it’s more than likely that we will see an increase in AI generated images on websites. You may want an image of something specific that you cannot find on a stock photo website, that is where AI could come in, you can prompt it to create what you are after. On Hotpot.ai you can see examples of how AI imagery can be used.

Example – https://hotpot.ai/

Screenshot showing various AI images

Scrolling Animations

Scrolling effects help to engage the user and keep them on your site. You can use subtle animations that appear when scrolling or you can make your whole website centered around the animation, like the Timeslots website.

Website Example – https://timeslot-2019-10ba3a79fae3325b8a1d699c1.webflow.io/2

Scrolling animation of websites on a mobile phone

Retro/Y2K Design Inspiration

Design trends are something that tend to come back around, and as we have seen a rise in Y2K and vintage fashion in the past few years, it’s only right that this trend affects web design as well. You can be inspired by Y2K elements such as gradients, blobs & organic shapes, transparent glass like elements, and bright colours like oranges, pinks & blues. Attentives Holidays Marketing site is an example of Y2K to the max, it feels nostalgic to look at.

Website Example – https://www.attentive.com/holiday

Retro website design

Bento Boxes

Apple tend to be trend setters when it comes to design, and this trend is no different. Bento Boxes are a grid-style design using different-sized content boxes, usually in a 3×3 or 4×4 format. Apple popularised this style of design when creating infographics for their new products, such as the iPad infographic featured in the example.

Screenshot showing bento style boxes in a website design

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